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"Wanna Bes" were first established in the Fall of 2009, with a crude sketch of the "Bird Wanna Be Elephant" and the inspiring words that helped lead to "Wanna Bes" being born, 'Elephant Envy'. Now there are over 40 "Wanna Bes" that make up the series, with new additions being added every now and then. This page has the most of the series (some I've neglected photograph yet), sketches and/or final versions of the many commissions that have been created along the way (which there are many I forgot to take pictures of the final piece and sketches are among stacks of loose sketches awaiting to be scanned. all in due time.)


-North Massaro

PRICING:(may vary on location. these prices are based on direct sales i.e. local events

       COMISSION DETAILS: Are you interested in having two, of your or someone close to you's, favorite animals (or 
animal/dinosaur) made into a "Wanna Bes"? Or your pets and their 'inner' animal?  Email me @ 

If it is a pet you are looking to have "Wanna Bes"-tized please send the following 

Name of pet(s)

Animal/Dinosaur(s) to have pet(s) "Wanna Bes"-tized with

             PICTURES! There's really no limit to how many to send. Please make sure to include a close up portrait, a full body profile, and any other photos you'd like to share


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