"North Vs" is an ongoing comic that features myself, North Massaro, and my fatty baddy kitty buddy, Comet. Together, we team up with characters that I, North Massaro, have created in the past. Many of these characters were either only able to go a few pages before I abandoned the project, or never went past being a piece of artwork.Until,NOW!

All these characters get a ONE SHOT COMIC, helping North move on to the next world/character.

       I am currently devising a way to not only get funding for the ongoing comic, but also offer an opportunity to receive a credit for funding, be included in the comic as an extra for a panel or two, OR become a supporting character, Like a Henchman to the main boss, swoop in to save someone, etc.

 I'd, also, like to acquire 100 individuals who would like to donate and be part of a massive zombie comic story, using a questionnaire to determine certain outcomes/situations.



North is always ready when he has his Cosmic Paint Slingers, and help from his best fatty baddy kitty, Comet!



"NORTH VS. the GIANT EVIL PANDA: a valentine's story"


I started around 6PM on the eve of Valentine's Day, 2/13/15, using only a pen. This is also the only NON-"Strait Jacket Larry" comic I've followed through to completion. I must battle my way through an army of evil pandas, to a giant evil panda, to save the girl.  

  Personally, I think it's some of the best work in such a short time frame. Might be because I never work solely off of pen work; I'm a mechanical pencil type of guy. Perhaps, it's that I did all the page layout/paneling, and illustrations without planning or starting over at any point. Or, could it be the story- which, if I may say,  is wildly entertaining and expresses true passion.

Go on and ENJOY!

UPCOMING COMICS....stay tuned.

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