About the Artist: 

Northington T. Nenno


What is Northington T. Nenno all about?

Firstly, hardly anyone calls me Northington (unless, it's while using an Olde English accent and followed with a few hu-rumphs). I go by North, and no I was NOT named after Kanye's baby- if anything, it's the other way around; mainly because I'm in my mid 30's and Kanye's child IS A CHILD. Since we've cleared that up, let's talk about me. YAY!

Let's see.... I don't think we need to do a full biography, so here are the things that relate to me being the fantastic, ever growing, artist that I am- past, present, and future. Aside from what I learned in high school (which, I was in Honors and AP Art classes. Voted 'Most Artistic' in my graduating class. Whoopidy-Doo). Spent YEARS after HS, just drawing my own comic strips *Strait Jacket Larry*(has his own page, go check it out). Oh, I should mention that I did not go to art school, and did not last long at community college. After years of being told by many onlookers that I should do something with my talent, I moved to Philadelphia, PA. This set the stage for me to kick off my career as an artist. In 2008, I decided that I would make an effort by putting my creativity in acrylic painting. 2009, "Wanna Bes" (another page you should check out) were created. "Wanna Bes" was where I put most of my energies, while making other pieces from time to time. I displayed my artwork at various bars, restaurants, festivals, stores, etc.  In September 2017, I made the move to Troy, NY with my wife and stepson. Now, (in Troy, NY) I will do what I did in Philadelphia.

What do I do?      I draw, using pencil, pen, and markers on paper. Still making paintings on canvas using acrylic paint. From time to time, I will do some hand sewn dolls, to make 3D paintings, and Halloween masks. There's a prototype of  the "Bird Wanna Be Elephant" in Green Rock Tavern in Philadelphia, PA; sitting behind the bar on one of the shelves. And currently, I'm taking an idea from 2012ish "Captain Eramus and the Pirate Platypus Minions", and working on an illustrative story book. Good place to see the concept art is on Instagram @Northtastic

And that's that for now. This was boring, right?! Go do something fun, like looking at my artwork and finding me on social media.

Facebook:Northington T. Nenno

Facebook is a good place to find out where I'll be with my artwork. I don't post my feelings or opinions on FB....anymore.

Follow on Instagram: @Northtastic and @ntmwannabes

@Northtastic you will find postings of my artwork, sketches, some life moments, and of my cats...

@ntmwannabes is all my of my series "Wanna Bes". It's a new account (made April 2018, yea, a little late on jumping onto that wagon)