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  Here's a little bit of what you will find on Northtastic. BTW, Thank you for coming! On this fine website, Northtastic, you will be able to variety of work done by your's truly, Northington T. Nenno, aka North. There's all sorts of fun stuff here, so here's a description of all you can experience while being at Northtastic (wasn't that all wonderfully repetitive?!) - 

"Wanna Bes": my most accomplished series to date, and never ending. What are "Wanna Bes"? you ask. "Wanna Bes" are fun, colorful, illustrative animals that 'wanna be' other animals. The series has OVER 40 different combinations, not including the combinations made for commission pieces for lovely people, like YOU. Have two favorite animals, want those two animals made into a "Wanna Bes" AND/OR have pet(s) made into "Wanna Bes"- contact me. They make great gifts (for friends, family,...yourself). *Below (left) "Bird Wanna Be Elephant", the reason why "Wanna Bes" exist. (right) commission piece "Doggie Wanna Be Blue Fish". (the dog's name isn't 'Doggie', I just don't remember the name)*


Paintings: There are quite the variety of paintings. It's all acrylic paint, I've never used oils in my life. I have enough trouble keeping my cats' hairs out of my paintings with acrylic(which dries relatively fast). If you don't know, oil paints take a super long time to set, which means I would have very furry paintings- not what I'm going for art wise. *mini rant*

  ANYWAYS, sometimes the paintings aren't just acrylic paint, some are mixed medium- cut paper, fabric (Pirate Platypus Minion Paintings- Below and to the left) making some pretty stellar 3D paintings. (Below to the right, acrylic painting of a skeleton spine from a still life drawing, I'll call it "Smooth as Spine". It didn't have a name, and now it does.)


Sketchbook: Over the years I've done many of drawings that seep from my brain, through my finger tips, and on to paper. Sketchbook is littered with all sorts- original ideas to a little bit of fan art. There's some good, some bad, maybe a bit that sits in between.  You'll find that there is all sorts of style happening, but overall all a very 'cartoony' look to everything. I am an illustrator when all said and done. Probably because I'm what you would call a manchild- love me some cartoons. So, have fun with all that. *Below (left) a sketch of a tattoo I will one day get on my right forearm "Robin's Way". It has meaning to it, but I'm not going to go into that now. (right) a sketch for a painting I did called "Victoria's Waltz with Suitor with Abnormally Large Feet".*


 ***As you adventure through the website, you might be asking yourself, "There's some stuff I've seen on display at (name a place), but I don't see it on here. What's that all about?!" Welp, you're not wrong, there's a chance it isn't here.  Truth be told, I haven't loaded all of them onto the website. In fact, there are some that I haven't even photographed yet, because I end up selling them and forget to take a picture before hand (Which, also means that if it was a one of a kind piece, and I didn't take a picture of it; there's a good chance I will NEVER be able to share it...sad thought). Listen, I'm not great at remembering to take photos; probably because I suck at taking photos. Have you seen some of the photos on this website?! Over half are likely to be blurry as hell, which I am indeed sorry about. Still boggles my mind how shakey my hands are, yet I can do ALL THIS(referring to the art). ANYWAYS, check back soon, I promise more will make their way on here. Thank you and enjoy all that is - NORTHTASTIC. Cheers.***